When Permata Revenge on Cinema

Photo by Rovi Tavare for jogjatoday.com
Sunday (23/8) into a horror story in the old Permata cinema, Yogyakarta. Look of sinister figure in the corner of the Permata halls scattered with their respective stories. In the corner of the bathroom there women dressed in 1970s screaming. And getting into the main part of the building, has heard the voice of the deceased Susanna stencil (artist horror movie) in an old movie.

It was a bit of atmosphere that existed when Kalanari Theatre Movement fill the empty building activities in the performances of the Yogyakarta Arts Festival 2015 (FKY). The theme ‘In Situ # 1’ sung this time led to a fictional character named Permata, a woman who gave her body to men for the sake of achieved her goal as a movie player. Acts of revenge and terror ghost became the most story in cinemas 70-80s era. [Rovi Tavare]

Photos by Rovi Tavare for jogjatoday.com

jogjatoday.com, August 23, 2015

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