Sleep After Decades, Permata is Back

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Permata movie theater that was founded in the 1940s as if rejuvenated by the presence of young artists from Kalanari Theatre Movement in the series of Yogyakarta Arts Festival 2015. Lifting the title ‘In Situ # 1’ spaces that few tens of years deserted and empty crowded back by hundreds of people.

So phenomenal Permata cinema at the time, particularly the 60 to 70s, so as not to give the right of young people do not come to Yogyakarta to this a movie theater. Permata is a must-visit place at the time, became a symbol of prestige for among young people, like malls and cafes in the present.

Permata ever victorious was closed to the public since August 1st, 2010 as a result of the invasion of modern cinema. The last screening in the theater would be held on July 31 at 21.00 which play a movie called Passion In Association and just watched less than ten people.

This time, Permata cinema is back to life. The atmosphere was bustling queue of people waiting when the doors opened, even buying a ticket at the counter of the era of the past into something unique and interesting, like the old movie theater. [Rovi Tavare]

Photos by Rovi Tavare for

Source:, August 23, 2015

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